Sales Enablement Content

Let's help your sales team convert prospects into customers  

I will work with you to develop expertly-crafted sales enablement tools that help your healthcare B2B sales team effectively move their prospects through the sales funnel and close sales.


Sales enablement deliverables include:

  • Call scripts: A structured framework for sales representatives to use during phone conversations with prospects, helping them stay on message and guide the prospect toward a desired outcome.
  • Cold prospecting and follow-up email templates: Persuasive email messages aimed at capturing the prospect's attention and encouraging them to take further action, such as scheduling a meeting or requesting more information. 
  • Sales decks: A professional presentation that sales representatives use to pitch thier product or service to potential customers.
  • Sales proposals: A template that sales teams can use to close deals by outlining the specifics of a potential deal, including pricing, deliverables, and timelines.
  • Battlecards: Brief, concise summaries of key selling points and competitive differentiators that help sales teams effectively sell your product or service.
  • Training guides: In-depth information on the selling environment, product features, use cases, and objection handling which equips sales teams with the knowledge they need to succeed.
  • Case studies: Build credibility and close deals with real-world success stories that show how your product or service will help solve your prospects' pain points.
  • Sell sheets and sales collateral: Build brand knowledge with valuable sales tools that provide prospective customers with key information about your product or service.